South Central Los Angeles Film and Digital Photographer

I purchased my first camera in 2016 which was a Fuji XT2. Since then I have remained a student of photography. In 2021 I purchased my first large format 4x5 camera branching my knowledge in photohgraphy to film.

I strive to learn how to use my camera to help out my community. I am currently selling pins for $15 to create a scholarship for formerly incarcerated/system impacted students. Support! Goal is to raise $1500.

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I often get asked: "why the name "Sicatristes?"

My fascination with cameras began when I was about 7 years old. My father would chase after my brother and I documenting us while we would play. As I got older and purchased a camera of my own, I took my liking for documentations more seriously and decided to document family members. I learned most of my photography skills through studying photographers I looked up to and to this day study their techniques.

One random day I was speaking to a friend and accidentally said "sicatristes". The word combines two words in Spanish (Cicatrices = Scars + Tristes = Sadness). I began using the name after that for my photography as I feel it connects to my process. Passion projects in photography tends to give me a little anxiety as I often feel I am running out of time to complete a documentation, especially when documenting older family members. I reflect on family members who I did not get to photograph which makes me sad. I have learned to embrace the "sad" feeling as it pushes me to make a project happen and after completing it, the sadness "scars" and it gets replaced with gratitude. It is an empowering feeling.

It should technically be spelled with the letter C but I prefer how it looks with the letter S as the word "Si" (Yes) can be found in Sicatristes. In spanish the word 'si' reminds me of "Si se puede" which translates to "Yes you can", which my family often tells me. The purpose behind my work is rooted in having the next generation of family members know who their ancestors were. I dedicate my work and process to them.