South Central Los Angeles Film and Digital Photographer

I purchased my first camera in 2016 which was a Fuji XT2. Since then I have remained a student of photography. In 2021 I purchased my first large format 4x5 camera branching my knowledge in photohgraphy to film. I have been a media brand ambassador for CHIRLA and also worked with Esperanza Housing.

I strive to learn how to use my camera to help out my community. I am currently selling pins for $15 to create a scholarship for formerly incarcerated/system impacted students. Support! Goal is to raise $1500.

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4x5 Film Portraits

Mobile Studio Portraits

I often get asked: "why the name "Sicatristes?"

My fascination with cameras began when I was about 7 years old. My father would chase after my brother and I documenting us while we would play. As I got older and purchased a camera of my own, I took my liking for documentations more seriously and decided to document family members. I learned most of my photography skills through studying photographers I looked up to and to this day study their techniques. I constantly challenge myself to learn and expand my skills in photography, videography, and editing.