Throwback Feature: Mike Patton

Thursday September 3, 2015: Faith No More surprise show at the troubadour. Despite having to wake up the next day and going to their show on a work + school day it was worth it - with luck I got this 📸shot with an iphone 4 of Mike before getting more serious with my photography. This is one of my favorite shots I’ve taken. For those who know me, Mike Patton is my favorite singer (Juan Son being a close second). My mom remembers his name as a result from all the times I’ve talked about him or shared his music. She thinks que esta loco except when he goes classical con an orchestra Jaja .... During the show, Mike crowd-surfed his way to the bar mid-song, got a shot and crowd-surfed his way back on stage not missing a note or tune (how can he miss a tune? It’s Mike F’n Patton). They started their set late and everyone was tired of waiting pero we raged when the show started. It didn’t matter how early I had to wake up the following day. Still one of my all time favorite shows.


Alice Bag

Teri from Le Butcherettes



Julieta Venegas


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